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About Lily Spring SPA
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About Lily Spring SPA

Lily Spring Day Spa was established in 2004 with the commitment to bring the profound traditional Chinese philosophy into our skin care and health SPA.
Our goal is to help our Customers achieve a harmonious and balanced state of health, for a healthy, beautiful, happy and confident life.
Our Business Plan:Grow our Beijing locations, expand within China, and explore the world

President:Ding Yan “Linda”
Miss Ding Yan was born into a family history of Chinese Medicine practice. She has combined this family experience along with Chinese Medicine School education to expand her knowledge and research. Ding Yan has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over a decade dedicated to accumulating a wealth of clinical experience. Her specialties are in the treatment of obesity, sleep disorders, migraines, constipation, menstrual disorders, blood stasis, and cold hands and feet. Helping her patients achieve a better yin and yang balance in their life.
Feeling beautiful is Ding Yan’s Chinese Medicine philosophy to bring health and beauty to her customers. She believes through traditional Chinese Medicine she can help people overcome their problems for a more confident and healthy life.

Chief Marketing Director:Ding Hui “Natasha”
Miss Ding Hui was also born into the Chinese Medicine tradition and has combined it with Western medicine education. She has a decades experience in the cosmetic medicine industry having travel throughout China conducting successful seminars for various cosmentic companies. She continue to expand her knowledge of advanced technologies and products looking for innovations to bring to our customers. Her specialties include the treatment of acne, sensitive skin, and other skin problems.
With her beauty industry knowledge and experience Ding Hui brings a solid professional reputation for helping our customer achieve both health and beauty.

Contact Us:
Lily Spring SPA Open Everyday 10:00am - 22:00pm
Address:Jianwai SOHO, 39 East Third Ring Central Road
Tower 4 Suite 0411D
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Guests for an appointment Call: 8610 – 5869 7846/43
English Speaking Guests Call: 136 8121 7178
You Can Contact Us Online:
Email: 122721811@qq.com

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