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Facial Treatment
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Facial Treatment

There is a Chinese saying “There is no ugly women, only lazy woman”. As long as you take the time to care for yourself every day, you can look healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Fainlise Cosmetics - France

Fainlise Cosmetic brings its 23 years history of skin care developed at their well-known SLB and C3D laboratory in France to China.
Fainlise laboratory has conducted skin care research in the use of deep-sea animals and plants as active ingredients in their skin care products. The results is an enzyme preparation for a mild high-tech skin conditioning product line that is hypoallergenic and tested to certified the safety and effectiveness of Fainlise skin care cosmetics.
Fainlise Cosmetics is especially recognized as a leader in the water based maintenance treatments for acne and highly sensitive skin.

Fainlise Acne Clean Facial Treatment

Fainlise Acne Clean Facial is effective in the treatment of oily and acne skin conditions. It will help eliminate red pustules, calm swelling and improve the sebum secretion for clean healthy skin.

Fainlise Soothing Sensitive Facial Care

Fainlise Soothing Sensitive Facial will care for redness, dry, sensitive skin and ease your skins as the seasons change. It will provide a calming, soft, recycling and repair of your skin.
The cell activation ingredients will also moisturize your skin for a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Fainlise Deep Moisturizing Care
Fainlise Deep Moisturizing will care for dry, scaling, and loose skin. A combination of high concentrations of vitamin C and natural moisturizing ingredients provides deep penetration to relax the skin.
This process will promote improved cell metabolism rejuvenating dry skin to a moist and healthy glow.

LaColline Cosmetics - Switzerland

LaColline Cosmetic brings the skin care tradition of Switzerland to China.

The LaColline product line applies over 50 years of research scientists study of cell regeneration technology and co-crystallization. The original cell regeneration complex CMA is a refined blend of a variety of active ingredients for the entire family of LaColline skin care products. It is designed to significantly increase cellular oxygen consumption so as to enhance cellular energy and enhance the vitality of fibroblasts. This promotes healthy collagen and elastic elements for natural skin care products.
In addition to CMA, they add other special plant ingredients that targeted the effectiveness for the repair of different skin types. LaColline is especially recognized for its treatment of wrinkles and aging skin for smooth and healthy skin.

LaColline Living Cell Sensitive Skin
LaColline Living Cell Sensitive Skin is effective in the treatment of dry, sensitive, neutral or dull skin, by applying nutrients to restore your beautiful skin.

LaColline Living Cell Whitening
LaColline Living Cell Whitening is suitable for all skin types against the uneven distribution of pigment, dark, loose, wrinkled, and aging skin. It will dilute pigment and provide high-performance anti-aging care.
Its U.S. bones collagen UV mask inhibits pigment formation, to complete whitening, moisturizing, and the oxygen repair your skin needs

LaColline Supple Deep Moisturizing
LaColline Supple Deep Moisturizing cares for dry, dehydrated, dull, and sensitive skin. This comprehensive treatment of your dry skin’s fragility will strengthen the skin's natural resistance to soothe dry sensitive skin.
It will provide the moisture your skin needs for a smooth, healthy and full complexion.

LaColline Living Cells Eye Care
LaColline Living Cells Eye Care provides the eye relaxation needed to treat aging eyes with dark circles or bags. This course introduces a variety of natural active ingredients to increase cell viability.
It will improve moisture, promote metabolism and relieve lymphatic conditions for healthy, younger looking eyes.

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