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 Special Offers

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Fainlise Cosmetic - France - Summer Whitening Facial Treatment
This facial treatment is suitable for dull dry skin and skin with spots.
Fainlise Summer Whitening facial can break down pigment metabolism, brighten the complexion, promote healthy blood circulation, while whitening and moisturizing your skin for a beautiful summer day.


LaColline Cosmetic - Switzerland - Whitening & Firming Facial Treatment

This facial treatment is suitable for neutral to dry dull and sensitive skin.
LaColline Whitening & Firming treatment will help add nutrients to your skin, moisturizing and restoring it to its natural beauty.


Fainlise Cosmetic - France - Clean Acne Facial Treatment
This facial treatment is suitable for acne and oily skin.
Fainlise Clean Acne treatment will eliminate red pustules, calm swelling and improve the sebum secretion helping your skin heal for a beautiful complexion.


Chinese Medical Body Massage

This massage is suitable for the relief of back and joint pain, weakness, poor sleep quality, slow blood circulation and constipation.
A professional body massage will stimulate acupuncture points, meridians, promote blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism, help eliminate toxins, improve back pain, and improve your body’s immunity.


Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture — Weight Lose Treatment

This treatment is suitable for body fat and local obesity arising from a slow metabolic cycle.
Our Acupuncture Weight Loss treatment is usually a program of 15 SPA appointments over a recommended period of time. The Acupuncture Weight Loss programs works by stimulating the necessary acupuncture points to promote gastric movement and inhibit gastric acid secretion, and extending gastric activity.
It will also improve fat metabolism and the consumption of stored fat to achieve your weight loss goal. Acupuncture is also used to adjust the brain’s hypothalamus to suppress hunger to assist in achieving your weight lose results. fish you can benefit from a slimmer, healthier life.


Full Body Aromatic Oil Massage

This massage is suitable for body aches, weakness, slow lymph circulation and metabolism, dull skin, poor sleep quality, dizziness and headache.
The massage will apply pressure to push oil and traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western techniques, to clear the meridians to quickly eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleep quality, promote blood circulation and metabolism and eliminate toxins.


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